Math Tiger – iPad-app for practicing the basic arithmetic operations

Arithmetic master is a smart app for practicing the four basic arithmetic operations. It expands the subject matter of grades 1 - 4. The level of difficulty that the arithmetic master provides is automatically adapted so that the child is not working below or above its potential.

Extra motivation is provided by a ranking of all registered users. For the tiger calculation, the child has to answer as much tasks correctly as possible in a given time frame and can thus improve its ranking.

The language of the app can be switched from German to English and vice versa.

  • Learning through play
  • Counting and calculating
  • Practicing of basic arithmetic operations
  • Calculation for grade 1 – 4
  • Didactically and methodically consistent concept
  • Motivation by reward system with ranking
  • Levels of difficulty are adapted to the calculating performance of the child
  • Bilingual approach (German, English)


Sprache / Language


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